The rubber comes off, the zip comes off, the zip sticks, etc

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cheap Canada Goose I have owned a LOT of Superdry products and if I was to give you one solid piece of male fashion advice it would be DON BUY THIS JACKET.Let me explain. It looks very warm (it needs a thick jumper underneath) and the “three zips” that they add to make the jacket look as if it has multiple layers of protection are absolutely useless. They aren actually 3 layers, they are 3 flaps which could be replaced by a heavy duty zip. THE MOST ANNOYING THING about the 3 zip system is they always fucking break. The rubber comes off, the zip comes off, the zip sticks, etc.Take your 75 ($121) and buy a North Face or equivalent jacket. Not worth it please please listen to this.In Japanese superdry is actually: read as suupaa dorai, but since this is already the slogan of a popular Japanese beer they possibly didn want to get sued and so opted for the strange logo they currently have.If I was going to spend $300+ dollars on a waterproof outer shell (which I suppose is the function of the posted jacket) then I would definitely choose arcteryx over superdry.I have no trouble spending money for high quality products that I know will last a long time. I do have trouble spending money for decent quality + embossed logo cheap Canada Goose.