However, I keep coming back to the fact the drydown doesn’t

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replica hermes bags I can definitely smell a sandalwood, papyrus note as it begins to settle, further beefing out this heavy weight oriental vibe, but adding something doey almost wheat like. (Think Jeux des peu) I don’t usually like papyrus but when used sparingly in the right composition I can enjoy it. Ombre Indigo just about gets away with it and the fragrance settles to a leathery, earthy vetiver. It’s actually quite the mixture of elements and as such a unique smelling perfume so it needs to be applauded for that. However, I keep coming back to the fact the drydown doesn’t live up to the glory of the opening. I can’t comment on the performance really as this is only the second wear (and I don’t recall the performance first time) but I can tell it’s fading already and I only applied it an hour and a half ago. Promising start but destined to go the way of other Olfactive Studios releases, shame really. I’m a romantic though and as such this fragrance still gets a love from me despite obviously having problems, If you discard them and judge the smell especially the opening then this perfume deserves praise replica hermes bags.