By 2008, his marriage to Dixie Chick Emily Erwin had ended,

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replica hermes bags Thirteen years ago, Eminem raged out of Detroit with his first “Marshall Mathers LP”; now, a year after turning 40, he puts out a sequel filled with references to the bad boy (and rap school) of old and again does a duet with Rihanna while admitting he’s a middle aged juvenile delinquentExploding Boy, “Four” (Artofact). Highly percussive Swedish indie rock band doesn’t change much on its latest record, but the mix of New Wave darkness and modern rock should still work well enoughFoley, “About Time” (Urban Noise/Sands Foley Entertainment). replica hermes bags

replica hermes The last 10 or so years seem to have been transformative ones for Charlie Robison. After debuting in the mid ’90s, he signed with Sony/Columbia and released several rollicking albums that had one foot planted in a hardcore honky tonk tradition and the other in Hammond heavy, Allman Brothers style Southern rock. Many of his earlier tunes were a bit on the raunchy side, exploring the evergreen themes of girls, partying and hell raising. By 2008, his marriage to Dixie Chick Emily Erwin had ended, and though the split was amicable, Robison’s pain was evident on his most recent album, 2009’s self produced “Beautiful Day.” Unlike other divorce albums “Hear, My Dear” or “Blood on the Tracks” “Beautiful Day” sounds wounded and real and without indulging bitterness. On “Down Again” he recounts the roller coaster feeling familiar to anyone who’s been through a bad break up, while the soaring guitar sounds like a liquor loosened Richard Thompson stumbled into the studio, grabbed a guitar and let it rip. Robison is cut from the same stained denim cloth as fellow Texas troubadours Robert Earl Keen (who plays Revolution Sept. 16) Pat Green and Jack Ingram. replica hermes

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